The firm

Progress is a challenge based on details. Especially in the technology world, where every achievement must be the inception of another and more ambitious one.

Along this path, we are here not only to help our Clients achieving a goal but also to ensure that it is obtained with the utmost promptness, efficiency and precision. Our commitment is not only aimed at advising Clients on how to better hit their targets, but is also willing to pave the way for innovations in the legal services.

This is Panetta & Associati and this is our mission.

Established in 2008 in Rome, Panetta & Associati immediately emerged in the Italian, European and international landscape as a unique and essential one-stop-shop for national and multinational corporations, as well as for the public sector agencies, providing legal support and assistance in a world where laws and regulations are constantly challenged by technology. Panetta & Associati climbed the markets by placing itself at the top of the rankings where only highly reputed firms are positioned.

Today, in its renewed lineup, Panetta & Associati has the ambition to continue offering quality legal services by supporting its Clients handling the digital market revolution, while understanding the rules for competing, locally or globally, in an evermore complicated and inter-connected world.

Panetta & Associati is above all a laboratory, a real and virtual place at the same time, where Clients, professionals and those working with us can experience trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, balance and quality of the things get done.

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