The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data” as titled by The Economist on May 2017, following a market research.

Data are indeed the fuel of the digital era.

This is why they need to be protected and secured by the highest measures, taking into account that any breach is likely to result in a damage which is far greater that the mere intrinsic value of the data, as it would directly affect the image and reputation of the company.

Panetta & Associati has top-level experience in cyber security matters and our lawyers assist both Italian and international Clients in managing this increasingly pivotal area, with particular regard to day-by-day compliance issues and the carrying out in-depth risk assessment, as well as managing any phase of vast data breach events.

Our Firm has always helped first class Clients in relation to the definition, deployment and maintenance of business-tailored secure cyber-defense organization.

In relation to this activity, the Firm collaborates with PTP Services.