Competition and antitrust law, which has always been strategic, is becoming more and more crucial in a high dynamic and global market where any business decision can represent, depending on compliance with industry standards and best practices, a competitive advantage or a misstep.

The huge interests at stake when it comes to regulating the economic benefits and downsides relating to complex joint ventures and merge & acquisition transactions, launch of innovative enterprises or the performance of research & development agreements, especially in the digital economy environment, make it necessary to carry out in-depth competition and antitrust assessment, in order to ensure that all the applicable requirements are properly fulfilled.

To this extent, Panetta & Associati offers day-by-day advice to small and medium enterprise, as well as to major Italian and foreign industrial groups, with reference to any antitrust issues, consumers’ protection, unfair commercial practices, abuse of dominant position and State subsidies, including assistance before competent authorities and the European Commission.