Council releases proposed revisions of draft ePrivacy Regulation

On Semptember 8th, the Council of the EU released its first report on the proposed revisions to the draft ePrivacy Regulation, in an effort to speed up the legislative process of review and subsequent approval of the proposal by all the institutional players involved in the discussion on the reform of Directive 2002/58/CE (so-called “ePrivacy Directive“).

In fact, the regulatory framework of the draft ePrivacy Regulation will need to be aligned with that of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), possibly before the deadline set for its applicability t in May 2018.

The original text published by the Commission in January has already undergone the tough scrutiny of the EU Parliament later this summer (link) and, after this last round of proposed amendments by the Council, will  probably be subject to a further re-drafting by European legislators.

It is possible to read the proposed amendments of the Council to the draft ePrivacy Regulation and download the official document at this link.